Chat Roulette and Similar Websites

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With the advent of webcam technology being integrated into phones and laptops, plenty of people are taking video chat to new and interesting levels. Chat Roulette is an interesting idea. It connects random people based on no factors other than who is online. Cameras consistently connect and disconnect as people look for interesting people to talk to, or ridiculous things to laugh at. Plenty of people use it to make all kinds of randomized jokes. The whole idea is that you never know what the next cam will be. It could be a businessman, a man dressed as Batman or someone holding up a random sign. The site is a fun way to waste time. People of all ages and backgrounds use these sites for a lot of different reasons. Chatting is a part of it, but a lot of people like to just use these sites to make silly jokes with their friends. And while wasting time is one of the reasons people use these sites, on occasion people have really stimulating conversations as well.


Another site similar to Chatroulette is Omegle. Omegle is interesting because it works as either a video chat or a strict chat with a random stranger you can’t see. There are plenty of intriguing conversations on Omegle, due to the anonymity of it. People frequently chat about weather, look for dating and discuss the meaning of life. Often times they do these things in the same chat. Omegle’s a cool site, but it’s often got a lot of spam bots running on it. That can make it hard to navigate at times.


One of the more intriguing randomized chat sites is Tinychat. This is one of the best because it doesn’t just connect people randomly, it lets others create dedicated chat rooms with themes like drinking, gaming and other hobbies. The chat supports hundreds of people at once, with up to twelve cameras at the top of the screen at any given time. Youtube links and Soundcloud are also enabled. The end result is one of the more dedicated and fun random chat sites. It’s very easy to spend hours chatting with random strangers all over the world on tinychat.

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